Mephitto by LordDominic



4 August 2019 at 16:20:55 MDT

While I usually draw Dominic "Skunk Boy" Mephitto being a buffoon/manchild/general nuisance, he does have a serious side, and part of his character development includes him maturing from an immature manchild to a semi-functional adult and even father.

I've drawn him wearing body armor before, but never really been happy with the result. While he'd have access to the good stuff (having a father that's the supreme commander of the world's largest paramilitary organization has its perks), I just can't see him wearing the newest, shiniest armor like I've drawn him with before. I think this more "rebel" look works far better for him, his trademark vest and t-shirt still part of his outfit, while his chest, shoulders, forearms and lower legs (not shown) would be protected by his armor, an ideal setup for someone who's in a fairly cushy security position but still wants to look like they might see some action at some point.

I've also thought about he and Tex taking up bounty hunting or mercenary work out of boredom at some point, might make for a fun side quest or filler arc at some point. It's far more likely, however, he'd just wear this armor because he has it, and not necessarily because he needs to be ready for military action during a grocery run. Although, Walmart can get pretty crazy at times...

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