Chandra Reva (2016) by LordDominic

Chandra Reva (2016)


6 April 2019 at 17:06:54 MDT

2016 art.

Chandra Reva, a Starfarer. This is the first time I ever depicted one in their "natural" coloration, with previous examples (most notably Tara) being members of groups that had already colonized and adapted to various other worlds.

The description was also the first time I had gone into any depth on the Starfarers, at least "on record" (there was a LOT of back-and-forth in the comments on DA, which I eventually refined down into something definitively canon), referring to things like their way of life, how they adapt to their new surroundings, and even the unusually high ratio of females to males typical of their race.

The description from the original submission page is as follows:

I've mentioned before that Tara's race are descendants of a nomadic spacefaring race that made colonies on many worlds throughout their little section of the galaxy.
When settlers find a new planet or moon to take up residence on, their bodies quickly adapt to the new environment, with useful mutations appearing within the first generation of offspring born on their new home world. Body colors change to match the surroundings, and their physiology will morph to be better suited to the climate and resources their new homes have to offer. The majority of my artwork of this race depicts females, for the simple reason that the ratio of females to males within their species if roughly 4 to 1, enabling them to start and sustain a population with ease. After all, a male can impregnate several females, but each female can only carry one pregnancy at a time. It's simple mathematics, really.

This is what their original un-evolved and un-adapted ancestors looked like. Chandra Reva is one of a few remaining members of the Starfarers that has remained nomadic, her clan having lived aboard a large starship for generations. While fairly friendly, and making frequent stops on friendly worlds to pick up supplies and leave the ship for short vacations, this particular clan simply never found another world to call home and never really cared to. Captain Reva has taken on many roles in her life, including security officer, pilot, asteroid miner and engineer. Versatility is a virtue of the Starfarer race, after all.

Here we see Chandra with her sidearm drawn, perhaps searching for an intruder or hostile alien life form. With their primary source of tradeable and usable resources being asteroid mining, there's always a risk of pirates sneaking onto the ship or hostile, unknown creatures being taken on board along with the asteroids.

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