I'm Not Laughing... (2016) by LordDominic

I'm Not Laughing... (2016)


31 March 2019 at 16:30:26 MDT

2016 art.

"Quit laughing and get these cuffs off me!"

There are some things that hyenas don't find funny, I suppose... Like when Officer Cruz found himself stripped to his undies and left handcuffed to a fence in one of the rougher parts of town. His "lucky undies" suit his profession well, although just how "lucky" they are is probably up for debate at this point.


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    Hehe, poor boy... I would help him.

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      I guess the question is, how would you help? Do you carry a spare handcuff key?

      Otherwise we might have to call his police buddies to come unlock them, or call the fire department to cut down that post so he can at least walk away. Either option is probably more attention than he would like...

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        Well, nice question.