Ghoul (2015) by LordDominic

Ghoul (2015)


26 March 2019 at 18:55:57 MDT

2015 art. Every so often I find myself going back to older or forgotten character concepts and revisiting them. The Geoterra stuff in particular is full of these ideas I had over a decade ago that I just sorta... dropped.

Description from the original submission page:

More "resurrecting ancient designs" art... this time, a member of a long-forgotten race of undead ghoul creatures.

Rather hyena-like in appearance, they are cursed to walk the earth as something akin to a zombie. I forgot many of the specifics of this race, aside from that they most likely take this form as the result of eating one too many bodies stolen from a cemetery, and that they are regarded as extremely bad luck. They feed almost exclusively on dead creatures and frequent cemeteries and the like, often taking up residence in mausoleums, and have a well-deserved reputation as grave robbers.
It's quite common for them to have exposed muscle and bone and their bodies rarely if ever heal if wounded, and the spines jutting from the shoulders and wings are spikes of exposed bone. It's also rumored that being bit by one of them or stuck by one of the spines will turn the victim into a similar creature.

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