Thylo Six-Five (2014) by LordDominic

Thylo Six-Five (2014)


15 March 2019 at 09:22:53 MDT

2014 art. One of a couple of attempts to draw a "medical tank", and the origin of one of my lesser used characters... a genetically engineered thylacine supersoldier called "Thylo Six-Five".

Overall, this whole pic was just me trying new things--medical tank/sci-fi medical equipment, different species, and a theme I hadn't really dealt with previously.
I remember being quite proud of this one at the time, and while it hasn't held up as well as some of my other work from this time period, I still think it's worth archiving.

The description from the original submission page:

When your morally ambiguous paramilitary organization has access to experimental cloning and genetic engineering technology, there are three good uses for it:
1. Resurrect an extinct species.
2. Make genetically-modified supersoldiers.
3. Both!

This is Six-Five, an anthropomorphic thylacine. Here we see him in the very final stages of incubation, growth acceleration, and all that scientific magic.
Of course, since it was very difficult to locate any useable DNA for this project, what the scientists had to make due with was a tad incomplete and needed to have some gaps filled with DNA from other creatures.

This is totally just an excuse to get my sci-fi on a bit and make a genetically engineered supersoldier with strange attributes that can be justified by the other DNA used to complete his genetic code. It's bullshit, but it's pretty good sci-fi bullshit.
I also wanted to draw another one of these medical tanks, the one I drew a while back just didn't really satisfy me so it was time to try again.

Believe it or not, I actually researched this a bit! Mostly because I had no idea what a thylacine even was... Anyways, I guess in reality there have been attempts to clone these things and bring them back from extinction. It just seemed like an excuse to design a new character, draw some more creepy lab stuff, and mess around with those "genetic modification" plot tropes a bit.

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