Bellyland 1/5 by loom

Bellyland 1/5


16 August 2014 at 08:12:14 MDT

HierroTatsu HierroTatsu, the better half of this account, is taking commissions!
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Original Description

-based on a true story-

The following events happened long, long ago, in the distant days of last weekend.
For H. Tatsu, it started as a normal family trip, a nice weekend vacation, a few days of Disneyland.

But after entering the amusement park, amidst sights, sounds and colors, it all suddenly changed.
He became braver.
He became stronger.
He became... fat.

And today... Disneyland is no more.

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Page 5 / Page 5 Without Color-Coded Belly

Five kinda sorta colored sketches that will contain macro and soft vore, mostly implied.
Background is partially traced from a photo.
Character by HierroTatsu HierroTatsu.
Art by askmeaboutloom askmeaboutloom.