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Commissions & TOS


1 May 2017 at 06:09:41 MDT

If you're looking for commissioning art from me, contact me via note or an email (noozearts[at] When sending the commission request, please do include the following information:

General description of what you want, including the price tier.
Visual character references (if no reference exist of the character, pictures of characters similar to yours can be used as reference)
Payment method (More info about payment further down)

Base Prices:

Sketch - 30 EUR
Colored Sketch - 50 EUR
Lineart - 80 EUR
Flat Colors - 100 EUR
Cell Shading - 150 EUR
Soft Shading - 200 EUR

Extra Characters - +75% (base price)
Complex Characters up to +50% per character.
Excessive Liquids +50%
The price for backgrounds is based on the base price of the tier.

I won't draw:

realistic female animal genitalia
violence, gore
overly distorted anatomy
vore (any kind)
My Little Pony
minors in sexual context

Payment and refund:

I accept payment only via Paypal invoices, or if you live in Finland direct bank transfer.
An invoice will be sent after a sketch is presented to the client and accepted. After receiving the payment the work will be continued. You will receive multiple WIP previews. In case you are looking for just a sketch, I take the payment first.
Depending on the work and customer's preferences, I might upload the work to my public gallery. Major changes (different pose, angle, etc; anything that would basically require starting over) to the work are accepted only at sketching stage. Ask if you have questions.
In case of a cancellation by either side, a refund will be issued. The amount of work done will be subtracted from it.

Timeframe and dealines:

I'm terribly unorganized at time management so patience is required. If you have a solid deadline, be early. Hurried work might cost extra and be of a lower quality. Depending on what I have on my plate highest tier work can take over a month to do. If the content is closer to my personal interests, it won't take as long.

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