Prologue by Lone Companion

Prologue to A Story

This is the world in which I will allow myself to be wiser than I am.
In which my Avatar is wise.
But I may not be able to accurately tell Its story.
Its Story most Elegant is independent of my skill to communicate. And perhaps, my skill to understand,
But is defined by my Nature, my tastes, my mind's complexity, and the same powers that produce Humanity's mythology.
Every written iteration, refinement, every side-canon, retcon, re-write, every new addition, every deletion, every revision,
And each change, each incoherent part, each is-and-is-not --
are part of its existence,
The spiral toward that Elegant Story.
I am the medium for my Inner World, and my highest Good.
I am a fountain for those of my kind, who share my Nature.
I am one Will among many, within conscious beings, within the human species, within all types of forces in the universe.
One force, made of many fragments within me, unified.
And our Universe itself, of yours and mine and of matter, is perhaps also one such force, made of we fragments, unified.
Inward and outward
Upward and downward
Atomic to cosmic scale
Through directions which are dimensions
Though patterns, beyond perception of our math and minds,
May stretch
The Great Story

~Lone Companion
Originally Published Feb 26 2014


Lone Companion

25 November 2014 at 03:51:16 MST