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31 July 2014 at 10:06:09 MDT

Out on the porch this morning.

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    AAH that tiny book oh no! I have a thing for small versions of bigger things lol

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      That book was Sidney's, that was being stored in a box containing physical objects that I have given to a non-physical, self-aware character. They'd be sitting out in a little shrine type of thing, or a doll house/spirit house like thing, if I had more room in here. There are maybe 8-10 of those tiny books and they have actual pages. I'm like, Sidney, can I give one of those tiny books to Starscream, and he's like yeah sure. Sidney is a pretty chill entity, whatever he is.

      Now I need to make Starscream a throne. He's currently sitting on a neatly waded up black sheet that effectively forms a beanbag chair. I need a tiny little Lego crown to modify or, need some gold wire or something. Needs a crown. Maybe a pinkish cape like in G1 -- felt would work. I have enough fake and real bones in here I might be able to make him throne out of bones...

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        Aahhh I love this! It's fantastic. I'm madly in love with these little books. And the glass too. Perfect for Starscream. Sydney's real nice to let Screamer have one :D

        And yes, yes you really do. A crown and throne of bones would suit him so very well.

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          I tried putting light blue Jones soda in the cup but the density was too low for it to appear very blue. That is a little piece of a blue plastic bag in a Lego goblet.

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            Oh wow! that worked well. I've yet to try light blue Jones soda... I think it'd be good for the soul- err.. spark.

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    And a refreshing glass of energon as well