"Retribution" by lolzguy



5 August 2019 at 14:44:28 MDT


The First God is the great contradiction. Existence and absence, life and death order and disorder, creation and destruction. Down to the smallest part, up to the greatest form, its essence and its simultaneous absence formed the universe, permeating everything that ever existed, exists and will exist, and did not ever exist, does not exist and will not exist.

This puzzled the New Gods greatly – where had the First God been throughout the eons, after setting everything that would ever happen in motion, yet also did not? Was it all a cruel lie, or was the lie the paradoxical truth?

Looking up from their lowly existence, yet to be granted their rightful place as absolute rulers of reality and wielders of the Dogma, they realized – this universe would come to a slow, painful end, eons upon eons until nothing would remain, as even a God is not immortal, and shall make place for something new in its inevitable death, leaving everything behind. And thus, they tore away the fabrics of reality, exposing the flesh that no one should have ever seen, all to usurp the universe they were part of to avoid their final demise.

The First God was given form, and the New Gods peeled away the layers of Its infinite fractal manifold of flesh , hunting It across the cosmos for uncountable eons. Its Holy Bones were cracked and used against itself, for a God can only be banished by its own hand. Its Sacred Blood was spilled, and covered the countless worlds that were reduced to rubble in the conflict. Its Divine Voice ruptured the void with unspeakable volume, like billions of hushed whispers at once, to no avail. Where the Gods had fought, only titanic debris of lost worlds and unfathomably giant war machines would remain.

Its rage would know no bounds as Its flesh, fractured and shattered into uncountable fragments leaking from between the creases of space and time, remained.

Illustration for my personal setting "Sanctum" of The Sword facing a fragment of the First God. Please also see this submission to see more: https://www.weasyl.com/~lolzguy/submissions/1771360/spoken-ashes
Extremely proud of the result as I pushed myself stylistically and in terms of detail and viewing angle a lot to challenge my current skillset. Sometimes you just gotta take the plunge and try something that feels like you could never pull it off. Surprise - you can.