"Spoken Ashes" by lolzguy

"Spoken Ashes"


26 April 2019 at 15:57:58 MDT


“Under cloak, skin and veins of sacred blood bestowed by the Gods lies the body of an unflinching warrior, hidden from the sight of mere mortals, and the duty the Gods handed to her shall be carried out relentlessly – put an end to the remnants of the First One, The Creator, The God With Many Names, whose countless parts still linger in the reborn cosmos, filled with eldritch hatred.”

Throughout eons of mechanized deicide, proxies of the New Gods called “Swords” have hunted down the remnants of the First God, the creator deity, in a fractured universe littered with planetary debris and titanic war machines. It is their sacred duty to finish what the New Gods started in this clash of pantheons to make place for something new.

Life begins to bloom in the derelict bellies and veins of cosmic war machines after inconceivable timespans of war. The Swords must blend in by using artificial bodies to not be disturbed in their sacred task, even if it means to dispose of witnesses of their inhuman abilities. Knowledge of their true nature must be kept a secret to not disrupt the burgeoning seeds of new life.

Slowly but surely, they shall eradicate the remnants of the First God, until It shall be expunged entirely from the fabric of time and space itself with which It is entwined. It might take eons upon eons – but what is time after all to nebulous entities like the New Gods that whisper in the forsaken tongue of the universe itself?

“Sanctum” is a setting that will be tended to irregularly but is conceptualized with both a more rigorous and streamlined vision and aesthetic in mind. It channels elements of many things from my favorite media to give me a bit of a quite different world-building flavor if I desire to make use of it.


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    Very cool. Dig the aesthetic a lot.

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    Oh this is lovely. I do so love hooves and horned critters!!!!