// yvonne scribbles by lolzguy

// yvonne scribbles


30 July 2017 at 16:04:46 MDT

Well, it's not technically scribbles, but I did these at an accelerated speed than usual. I want to loosen up my process a bit as I am a really, really slow worker who gets lost in detailwork easily, so I hope I can get to learn being a bit faster while remaining precise with my lines. Some experimenting is needed for sure still!
For this I used and refined some sketches I made a few days ago of my character Yvonne - I hope you like it!


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    She looks really good, lots of quality on this piece, you've don a fine job!

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    Very well done! Love her design!

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    love those raptor digits!

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    Definitely like! Awesome design.