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// leeu_sys_v2


24 July 2017 at 14:02:29 MDT

"South African Arms and Cybernetics manufacturer VK Systems is taking pride in presenting a new of their "Jagter Vyf" product catalog of modular combat systems for private police and military companies: The revamped "Leeu" unit for urban CQC applications. Besides the strong other systems for military actions VK is selling worldwide as the leading manufacturer of cybernetic technology, Leeu will be the system of choice for a multitude of situations which only the best tech can properly handle. All systems are finely crafted on an organic base and enhanced with cybernetic modules for maximum performance. Leeu units are fast, precise and are based on reliable tech with a ten year warranty. Every unit comes with the following exciting properties and gadgets:

1] A full-on revamped muscular nanofibre system for enhanced strength.
2] Thermo-claws on both hands that can reach up to 500 degrees Celsius and can cut through both flesh and metal easily, while they are also detachable to be used as precise throwing knives for ranged combat.
3] Inbuilt tracking and signal decoding hardware, paired with UV/IR vision for recon missions to hunt down targets.
4] Modular holster and plug system that fit to your entire VK ecosystem. Setting up the unit is possible in ten seconds if you also own other products from our palette.
5] In-built anti-resistance killswitch in case of imminent danger. Disabling the full system is just a button press away, easier than ever before.

If you are interested, you can check out instantly on our site and order your custom system to enhance and improve your results in conflicts worldwide today. We are excited to getting to work with you.

Disclaimer: System production in accordance to national law of South Africa. Subjects are in legal age and were carefully picked from willing participants before the enhancement procedure. The name and Product ID of the subject in this shot has been omitted due to legal reasons."