// the one king by lolzguy

// the one king


24 May 2016 at 11:44:13 MDT

Populating my Weasyl gallery with selected art from 2015 and 2016.

"Kings create life, Kings weave Aether. The grand opus of the One King were the humans, a race to be supposed to inherit a world destined to be static when all Aether had been woven into the Thread of Life. No one would have known that these humans would be the ones to commit hybris, to become creators themselves, extracting liquid Aether from woven creatures. And with this, even though the mind of a King is unfathomable to us, the One King returned from his exile after the Age of Men, only to rectify his very own sin as he took upon a new shape.
Now, a King clad in white and gold resides over the Entombment, once a proud city of humans but now cleansed from the scourge of foul Aether. Oh, how have we sinned to do deserve this - doomed to be reduced to flesh and blood, to bring the King what once was his: the force of life in our veins! Once the heirs of reign, now doomed to be forgotten when the King has finished what needed to be done."