[GIF] Valentina by Lollie

[GIF] Valentina


20 January 2015 at 08:11:58 MST

"They call her Val."

A little something that grew out of a thumbnail sketch while I was figuring out a character — technically still working over her design. Used two instances of Trapcode Particular and a Median filter (After Effects) for the animated steam loop, just for something subtle.

I like doing these looped dealies. Wanna keep doing 'em!

Noticing that I definitely should've filled out her arms more, they're pretty stringy. I'll have to look out for that next time.

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    I adore subtle .gifs like this. Linework is super clean, too!

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      The gifs are fun to make! Happy with the lineart too, thin-width lines are out of my comfort zone.

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    This effect turned out really well, really adds the weight of a quiet moment to the rest of the stillness.

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    These are strangely soothing.

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    It looks good! I really like the looping smoke animation.
    There's also something very tense about the profile shot in combination with the rest of the pose - is that something intentional?

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      Tense was intended! As if something serious caught her attention. Along with the white-out backlight and heavy shadow.
      I'm still kinda exploring the character. I want her to be capable of that sort of 'stone wall' intensity, like nothing's getting past her without a chase or a fight.

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        The other comments spoke of stillness and I could only see the character as tense, haha. I'll keep an eye out for you building the universe and the character : )