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on 21 February 2013 at 19:36:28 MST

Just sitting here dog sitting. Been here since the 14th and don't get to leave until sometime the 23. Been a loooooong run. You'd think i'd be doing lots of drawing and all with all this free time and space but even though no one is around to bother me i just don't feel comfortable drawing in such a large open space...

Maybe it's my reluctantness to draw in my sketch book cause i'd rather do digital or maybe i just like drawing in a closed area .. WHO KNOWS. The one thing i am sure of is i have a bull dog next to me snoring very loudly and i'm about to push him off the couch cause it's rather annoying xD

it's been rather interesting. I borrowed my mothers old lap top to bring with and it's not powerful enough to really run anything exciting on it, paint is about as advance as art applications as it can go... been puttzing on furcadia since not touching it since 04 which has been interesting.

I still have a death weighing heavily on me. it's hard to believe the 26th of feb will be a month. I still wait for them to sign in on MSN messenger or to get a silly chain mail letter popping up in my email inbox.. it's been so empty with out 5 of them appearing in it every day :|

it seems since i left the house to go dog sit a wave of crap has blown over my house. Our router died first, then the vacuum, then the shredder, and then the back door got stuck and wouldn't shut (eventually it did) at this rate i'm going to get into the van to leave saturday and it won't start. just a lovely topper to start the new year off with a death.

happy fucking 2013. Screw you new year.

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    Thanks so much ^____^