Reflections! by Lockian



15 June 2018 at 05:01:36 MDT

Not uploaded a photo of Pumpkin in AGES! Especially since she has her new thighs! Photo is by SeanC!
Pumpkin's head, hand hooves and feethooves are by SGSsuits:
Pumpkin's armsleeves are made by PickledLemur!
FINALLY, Pumpkin's legs are made by FixItFursuits! (Whom is incredible and you should totally commision them while there a new maker as there so so talented!) OR Pumpkin's tail is made by CocoTheRabbit <3
Photo taken at ConFuzzled 2018!
(c) Lockian 15/6/2018


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    awww! so cute!

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      She's not cute and cuddly in person I promise, more stompy! :P