16 April 2016 at 16:07:05 MDT

WHOAH OKAY SO, this is a massive dump of reference sheets I have been working on recently! Yes I can do ref sheets on commission however its generally better to go to a digital artist for ref's! :D
(Top left) Galaxy! Personal character, he is a part of a closed species owned by me and my pal Karma, her character is called Orion! they are space fennecs, this is Orion:
(Top right) Locki! He is a timber wolf and he is my side fursona next to Reskell, he is a way of me coming to terms with my gender identity and depressive episodes, he encapsulates confusing times in my life, By envisioning those thoughts, feelings and desires into a physical character I find myself easier to understand.
(Bottom left) Candy Cane! Personal character and basically the character I use / loan out for NSFW antics, so if you wanna draw her, go ahead! If you wanna use her, drop me a note, she's there to be enjoyed ;)
(Bottom right) Ref sheet commission for my pal Karma, (Same Karma as above!) of her grumpy werewolf baby Burton, this was a tonne of fun to draw and I hope to see him as a suit one day! :D
Mixed media pieces in both coloured pencil and promarkers.
FOR ONCE I SCANNED ARTWORK IN! I hate the look of scanned artwork usually but here with ref sheets its kind of needed, hope you guys like seeing my work properly for a change ^-^
(c) Lockian 16/4/2016