CODENAME: FALCONER (working title) by Lobst

CODENAME: FALCONER (working title)


13 April 2014 at 16:28:19 MDT

OKAY. Dozens of hours of work and I finally have a principal cast worked out. This was originally going to be a dating sim, but I wrote quite a few things in the intervening month and hey, wow, it's a comic again! A few details:

  • Svetlana is the main character, and yes, she's heavily based on me. This isn't an autobiography, but rest assured that my low self-esteem is an effective safeguard against Mary-Sue syndrome.

  • More than 52 pages of this comic have been written, with many more to follow. (I'm thinking of making it one long dramatic story interspersed with some more lighthearted short stories, like a few of the comics I've been reading.)

  • "Smut installation"? OH YES, THAT'S RIGHT~~~

  • For those unfamiliar, the furry universe my comics have taken place in is 10-15% populated by so-called "full humans" (the rest are simply "human animals" [but never "humanimals"]); non-mythical creatures only, at least for the time being.

  • I'm being cagey about the name of this project purely because I feel like I've come up with a REALLY GOOD one this time around, and I don't want to spoil it until it comes out.

And that's it for now! Look forward to the first few pages relatively soon! I love you all! <3

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    Very much looking forward to this :)