Scrabbles the Inkblot Possum by LobitaWorks

Scrabbles the Inkblot Possum


15 March 2015 at 16:23:09 MDT

I've wanted to create a fursuit like this FOREVER! I decided to finally make this cutie to sell at my dealer's table at FWA this year. It is part of a partial suit sized for smaller individuals, pictures of the whole ensemble will come this coming week. :)
It's very comfy to wear because of its big grinning mouth and large eyes that provides tons of ventilation. Buyer will need to wear a balaclava underneath to hide your face.

I will look at private offers for the partial suit through email (
If it doesn't get claimed before the con, it will be available for sale at a flat price at FWA :)

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    oh my god!! this is so cute! looks like it walked straight outta a black and white cartoon. love how retro stuff is making a comeback :3

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    so cute and unique!

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    I want a character like this so badly now!! It's so cute and a spitting image to the old black and white toons!

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    Wow it really looks like a 3D version of the old cartoons. Magnificent work!

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    I screamed about this suit forever, I have always wanted a rubber-hose era 'Toon suit. I've got one design sitting on the backburner myself but I dont know when I'll ever execute on it!