Sneaky Red Fox Fullsuit (for Sale) by LobitaWorks

Sneaky Red Fox Fullsuit (for Sale)


10 May 2014 at 15:33:26 MDT

Red Fox Fullsuit (for Sale)

This is a brand new sneaky red fox fursuit I made in my spare time over the past few months- only worn for these photos. He is up for private offers starting now until tomorrow evening, at which point I’ll either accept an offer I like or put him up for auction.

Head: Will fit up to 25” circumference at eye level, 15.5” head height. I am happy to pad the head out to fit a smaller buyer. Vision is through the eyes, ventilation through the mouth. His expression is fixed in a permanent snarky grin. >:3

Body: Machine-sewn with front zipper entry and slits in the back for the belt loops on the tail. Neck is finished with dark red bias binding. Will fit up to around 6 feet tall (if you’re pushing this height, I can measure and double-check for you).
Other measurements:
Shoulders: 47”
Bust: 43”
Waist: 38”
Hips: 44”
Inseam: 30”

Feet: My “use your own shoe” style as demonstrated here:
Will fit most shoes- if yours don’t fit you can just wear them like slippers, without shoes. Latex pawpads on the feet, vinyl sewn claws (won’t break off!)

Hands: One size fits most with latex pawpads

Tail: Soft construction with beltloops.

TO OFFER: email
Please, nothing under $1655 (my absolute cheapest base price). No trade offers either, sorry!
I’ll let you know around this time tomorrow whether or not I accept.

NOTE: Model shown is 5’0, 135 lbs… not the ideal model for this unfortunately. I’ll try to get some photos with someone else inside if it goes to auction, but no promises.

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    wow i love this stylized suit. its really great!

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    Just love this guy's face!

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    This is so awesome! Can you tell me where you got that red fur from? It's gorgeous.

    • Link, I think. Luxury shag.