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Calhoun the Wolf Partial Suit Pieces (for Sale) by LobitaWorks

Calhoun the Wolf Partial Suit Pieces (for Sale)


2 November 2016 at 21:20:56 MDT

Fresh out of our workshop, it's Calhoun the grey wolf! This costume is for sale as part of a partial suit.
This beautiful handmade costume consists of a soft foam-based head, gloves with separate sleeves that cover your whole arm, a belt-mounted tail, and cute feet with pawpads and claws. The head is fully lined with soft fabric, very comfy! The head has a lot of personality!

The gloves are sturdily hand-sewn with vinyl claws and pawpads. The edges of the gloves are lined to prevent fraying or stretching of the material. The sleeves are of similar construction, with two elastic bands that run across your back to prevent the sleeves from slipping down during a performance. The sleeves overlap the gloves by several inches to prevent your skin from showing when you stretch your arms.

The tail is extremely lightweight and attaches to a belt via two sturdy beltloops made of webbing (think backpack strap material!) The tail is sewn into a graceful curve, with beautiful fluffy fur on the underside that sways in the breeze.

The feet are my special “use your own shoe” style- they open up in back via velcro and you can place your own street shoes inside! When you’re done fursuiting, just open the feet up again and remove your shoes. This allows the wearer the comfort of sneakers without having to have things glued directly to a pair of shoes. The soles of the feet have cute sewn pawpads on them!

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to own a brand new character fursuit for MFF, FC, etc!

HEAD: Fits a head circumference of up to 25” around at eyebrow level. Padding can be added inside to accommodate smaller head sizes.

GLOVES: One size fits most, the opening at the wrists is 10” around.

SLEEVES: Around 26” long from shoulder to wrist
Around 15” max bicep circumference
Sleeves can be tailored to fit drastically smaller or larger individuals.

FEET: Opens up to fit a sneaker of up to 12” long

When you buy this costume, you can change the name if you want. The costume is under warranty against defects for three months from the date you receive it in the mail. I will also be providing for the buyer a care sheet with instructions on how to care for your costume. You will also receive a ref sheet. Can change the name on the ref sheet if needed!

Email offers of $1500 and over to lobitaworks[at]
Offers will close up Nov 14th (earlier if I receive a very good offer)
If your offer is accepted, payment is due within 5 days.

Let me know if you've got any questions, thanks!

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