Rorschach Rat Fursuit Head by LobitaWorks

Rorschach Rat Fursuit Head


23 June 2016 at 21:39:14 MDT

Some closeups of Rorschach's head! Fleece can be super challenging to work with... I learned a lot from when I made Scrabbles last year, and as a result I levelled-up in craftsmanship and visual styling. I also tried some new fun stuff like the ear tufts and vinyl teeth. Actually you know, the ear tufts are my favorite part! It's directly based off my drawing style, and I wasn’t sure it was going to work until I tried it. :)

Inside the head is super comfy! All lined in spandex and the fabric side of headliner, with a wide open mouth to breath out of. Those large eyes are pretty good for heat venting too! Field of vision isn’t bad, just a little blind spot where the muzzle is.

Be sure to check out the fullsuit pictures of Rorschie in my gallery!


Q: What other inkblot style critters have you made?
A: As of right now, only Scrabbles the opossum and Rorschach the rat. I would love to make more! I have concept art for an inkblot angel dragon I really want to get started on sometime.

Q: Can I commission this style from you when you’re open?
A: Yes please! :) Only thing is they are artistic freedom commissions- you choose species, but the design is up to me.

Q: Can I make my own inkblot character?
A: My inkblot style costumes are a mixture of 20s cartoons, the actual animal these critters are based off of, and my own personal art style… You can be inspired by the same basic concept of black and white cartoons, but I politely request you put your own spin on it. If it looks I coulda made it, it’s probably too close to my style. There’s a lot of personal style hallmarks in my work that make my particular flavor of inkblot unique. I don’t want to be the creativity police, just want to protect my brand. :) If you look at the cartoons, every studio had their different styles that made them unique!