Emma! by L James (critique requested)

Emma! (critique requested)

L James

21 May 2018 at 10:42:34 MDT

[Illustration: a waist-up picture of a white tiger with blue stripes waving with her right paw]

Everyone knows this tiger by now, right? It’s Emma, the kid from BLFC! She had such a cool sona I just had to draw her!

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    It looks great. The waist is the belt line, this is a bust. Having a full body or background would look great. This is a great example of multiple light sources and colored lines.

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      oh good lord, when I was writing the description words weren't coming to me so I went with waist up even though it doesn't really show much of her body! thank you friend, I do have some full body art of other characters to post soon +o+

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    Oh I really love the colors in this. This looks so good overall. c:

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      thank you so much!! your coloring is always amazing, it means a lot coming from you!!

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    Cute, and very nicely drawn :3