Patterns (Jelly / Fish) by L James (critique requested)

Patterns (Jelly / Fish) (critique requested)

L James

24 June 2017 at 16:33:21 MDT

A couple patterns I did for Bottle World: Explore!

'X' Marks the Jelly (in grape jelly, blackberry jam, strawberry jam, and orange marmalade) from 4E: Try the other path.
Pretty Fishes (in gold, orange, red, and purple) from 4A: Keep going left!

These ones never got unlocked during the adventure, but they were fun to do!! and with the release of the adventure book they are now available to download 🍓🐟

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    Hey there! Gosh these are really cute. I like the fish one the most for the gradually changing color with the stripes.

    I saw you were looking for critique, so if you don't mind, I'll offer some!

    I felt that with both, each have solid designs, now I'll be looking at the colors and details if that's alright. Mind I don't know how detailed you planned to go!

    I'll start with the jelly, I felt that the could stand out a lot more on the canvas, one way this coukd be achieved if you aren't adverse to the use of white or an alternative color, would be perhaps highlighting the jars or even outlining them. Creating that separation with even say a lighter yellow would make the jars stand out more.

    Talking about the shine, I think that adding a little on the jars could make them appear to look a little more dimensional, or give that idea of glass. Just a clearer read on the pattern?

    Now! For the fish, I really like these but would suggest something similar such as a white or light color outline. Why? Well in this case, it would create some separation. You used a of really bright colors and as much as i love looking at them sometimes it's a little bit hard on my eyes to keep looking.

    You could also make influence this by playing with the colors more on the fish. Now, keep in mind that what I see on my screen might not be what's on yours for this.

    Overall though, really, really neat little patterns.

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      oh woa, thank you so much for the in depth feedback!! I agree with you on all these points. I am a huge fan of white outlines on things anyway, because they give a "sticker" like appearance +v+ It might enhance the cutesy look which is a big part of Bottle World anyway, so I'll definitely keep that in mind in future patterns. I agree with all your points on the jars, thank you for pointing everything out to me!

      I think I see what you mean on the fish - there's some color contrast, but really no contrast in saturation? A little more of a divide might make them less overwhelming to look at. And again, cute sticker outlines.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out!! I probably won't make edits to these patterns (at least right now), but I'll keep all this in mind for future ones!

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        Ahaha, I critique so I can look at my own art and improve! I've always loved the sticker look myself, but I know there's alternatives. I think I'll follow you and maybe comment on your next ones!

        I think you have a lot of really solid foundation down for your concepts though, really are cute!

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          ooo, does critiquing other people's art give you practice so you can analyze your own similarly, or is it that you can find what other artists do well and what mistakes they make and learn from them? :0 I'm fascinated by that statement

          and thank you for the follow!!

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            Thank you!

            And hmm, I think it helos me take another look at my art. When I critique I sometimes look back at my pieces and go 'did I apply my own advice here?' Or 'In separating myself from my work, what would I comment?'

            After a while of analyzing others work it's easier to look at my own, I feel, objectively. It also helps my prioritize!

            If I see a common mistake trending in artists, I make the goal to work on my own art from that standpoint, to work on a common trend that we see in art. Now this is, of course, based on the style and such.

            It's great to look at art that you think is better than yours too, to look at it and go 'how did they do this? If they're asking for critique, what coukd they improve even though at first it looks perfect?'

            It's just a really good thought process for me.

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              ohh that's a good idea, rarely do artists approach their own work the same way they do other people's work, whether they're too critical or not critical enough. If you're in the habit of applying a critical eye to people's art, it might be easier to look at your own work that same way.

              that's a great approach to take with "better" artists too - it's easy for your brain to just stop in its tracks when you see art that's amazing, but it can be really interesting to pick out specific things that make the art so appealing, and to figure out what could be done better!

              thanks for the insights +o+