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Hi, I'm Lindsey but better known as Lizzie! I'm a anthro and feral artist from the state of Ohio and I'm also a student full time at Echoing University studying to become and get a job working with animals of any kind but mainly domestic animals. My dream job is to someday work with wolves in an wolf wildlife center.

(-About The Artist-)
Name: Lindsey
Gender: Female
Artist Type: Anthro and feral artist (Digital Artist)
Species Of Furry: I have two main sonas, I'm a fluffy rainbow loving ram/husky/gryphon. The other sona, I'm a radioactive Eastern dragon/wolf monster hybrid.

(-Commission Information-)

Price Sheet and TOS:

My PayPal and Email- (You can also tip me if you want)

Icons- $5 singles  $10 couples-

Badges- $15+

Sketches- $12+

Lineart- $15+

Flat Colored- $20+ (No Example yet)

Full/Shaded Color- $30+

Ref Sheets- $20+ base price (Includes name, color code palette, and background)

(All My Prices Are In USD currency and no refunds!)

(Where To Reach Me For Commissions-)

(-Other Information-)

All my art is (c.) by me

  Do Not steal, redistribute anywhere without my permission, only art created by me is to be used only for the commissioner who commissioned the piece, and copy off my creations!! Also the person who commissioned me is allowed to repost their art but only if you credited me as the original artist.

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Free art raffle is being held by this awesome artist Twidle from FA, if you wanna enter in please go to this link and good luck to all. Also you should definitely check out their arts, very epic and nice looking ones!

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    God bless you!

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    Thank you for taking the time to follow my works, miss neon wolf! i hope you continue to bring brightness to the lives of those around you for many years to come! c:

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      Your welcome, your works are truly amazing and also thanks for the inspiring and sweet comment too! ^ ^

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      Your welcome Jinxy and thanks for the watch back as well on here! ^ ^ gives you a fluffy glowing hug

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    Thank you so much for the continued support! I appreciate it!