How to Lady: Fail? by Lizzie Bean

How to Lady: Fail?

Lizzie Bean

26 March 2015 at 15:49:27 MDT

Commission for Aubrin of his dragoness, Jaye! She used to be a human He, though sadly post-transition/transformation no one has taught her how to do "girly" things. It's ok, Jaye, don't feel too bad. I'd probably set my hair on fire with a straightening iron too. ;^_^

9"x12", copic marker & prismacolor gel pen on gray toned paper

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Visual / Traditional


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    These irons are hell on your hair.

    Lovely work!

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    No one EVER teaches you proper hair care post.. erm.... change. Either they don't even bother or they make one atempt and decide you're hopeless.

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      I'm just reminded of a video I saw of a girl trying to show how to use a curler.. and burnt her hair off in the process.

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    Very cool pic of the character. I guess you could say her new hair style is...wait for it......smoke'n hot.

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    Aye seen plenty of people do similar despite having used them for years. Awesome work!

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      they are tricksy buggers ;^_^

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    Human guy turned into very well proportioned dragon gal? Man, I'm curious how much they freaked on when they laid their first egg.