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Enough paw to go around by LizardWarrior

Enough paw to go around


16 October 2014 at 18:53:27 MDT

Can't believe I forgot to post this one here.

Bia (the blonde) and Nia (the brunette) are huge fans of Drip Dry, and they've finally managed to meet her in person. They're giving her an up-close demonstration of how much they love her paws. The fact that the Avolysians have already removed their own shoes is a strong sign that they will soon offer their own feet to the lusty jackal.

Notes: I really like the red jeans I gave Bia. Combine them with a pair of red patent leather pumps--hawt. I also like the way Nia's zebra print skirt came out. I can always use more practice drawing clothing with irregular patterns on it.

Drip Dry is © =HerroRoo.