Parting is such feet sorrow by LizardWarrior

Parting is such feet sorrow


2 January 2014 at 18:20:17 MST

I decided to do a follow-up pic to this one on my own--and the elevator is on a two-pic winning streak!

As Yofi stepped off the elevator, the closing doors pinched shut on the back of her right ankle boot, pulling it off her foot as she staggered forward. The doors, as elevator doors are programmed to when something obstructs them from fully closing, opened slightly again, and Yofi's boot dropped onto the threshold of the elevator.

Yofi, in a momentary panic, wheeled around and lunged for her boot, but her stocking foot slipped on the tile and she went sprawling to the floor. As she threw her hands forward to break her fall, her hand hit her boot and knocked it into the elevator. And then the elevator doors fully closed.

Yofi got up and frantically mashed the elevator button, but the elevator was already on its way to another floor. She waited in a state of agitation, standing on one leg and scrunching up the toes of her bootless foot. She blushed as other people noticed her, wondering what this Kess woman was doing standing around in one boot. Time seemed to run in slow motion as the elevator took its sweet time to return, apparently visiting every floor in the building. And when it did come back, would her boot still be in there? Finally the elevator bell rang, and the doors opened to reveal... no boot.

Yofi sighed in exasperation. Had some good Samaritan taken her boot to the lost-and-found, if this building even had one? Had some pervert just decided to take it home with him? Not knowing what else to do, Yofi began to walk down the hall toward her destination as best she could in one boot, wondering if she'd ever get the other one back.

Don't be sad, Yofi! We love your sexy foot!