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Austra brings a surprise to the party by LizardWarrior

Austra brings a surprise to the party


4 June 2017 at 14:49:34 MDT

At that moment, Austra finally made her entrance into the ballroom, and a collective gasp emanated from the crowd. For although Austra’s hair was still its trademark neon pink, her familiar ponytail was gone! Instead, she now sported an extremely short crop, barely longer than her fur. Austra strode confidently through the throng, greeting partygoers with a sly smile and a glance from her dazzling green eyes. Wearing her new style with pride, she even placed one hand on the back of her head, calling attention to her daringly short new hairdo. Austra had a little black dress draped over her superbly-toned body, with backseam stockings on her powerful legs and silver-heeled pumps on her much-celebrated feet. As her heels clicked across the floor, she ran her fingertips sensually through her razor-buzzed pink hair, defying anyone to deny that she was still as sexy as ever.