Paw Day delivery! by LizardWarrior

Paw Day delivery!


18 August 2015 at 23:10:02 MDT

The drawing I did for this year's Paw Day, but neglected to post here until now.

On Paw Day, Austra volunteers for the Paw-stal Service, delivering its signature form of communication, the Paw-gram!

When the recipient of a Paw-gram answers the door, Austra lifts her leg and takes off her high heel, revealing the message printed on the sole of her stocking. She raises her foot to eye level for easier reading, and will even rub her foot against the recipient's face for a bit if desired.

Next, Austra peels off her stocking and hands it to the recipient to keep. Then she reaches into her bag and withdraws a new stocking, printed with the message for the next customer. She pulls the silky new nylon up her leg. Finally, she steps back into her shoe and goes off on her way to her next customer.

Rumor has it that on rare occasions, Austra will meet a customer she likes so much that instead of putting her shoe back on at the end, she will leave the shoe behind as a bonus gift, finishing her day's work in but a single high heel.