Pyrite sketch 2019-03-02 by lizard-socks

Pyrite sketch 2019-03-02


3 March 2019 at 13:06:40 MST

Personal log, stardate 609727.4.

When I boarded this ship, adrift in our solar system, I found 134 organic lifeforms, all in stasis units. Given what I now know about this ship, I have to assume that this is not their usual condition. One question still remains: how did they get here without a warp drive?

The ship also contains a high number of light-based lifeforms such as myself. Nearly all of them are simply simulations of the organics, simple and seemingly unaware of their true nature. However, at least one such lifeform seems to have figured out what is going on, and although she is unfamiliar with starships, she has offered whatever assistance she can provide.

At this point, I could use any help I can get.

I'm imagining this situation where Pyrite finds the saucer section of a Galaxy class ship and keeps it running on her own for years, and a young Connie makes a cool, confident hologram version of herself which represents the person she kind of wants to become.

The EMH is offline because he's been running for so long, but when they eventually make contact with another Starfleet ship they get a software patch that brings him back up. So they have 3 holographic people and over 100 sleeping humans on a giant ship without a warp engine in a politically tense part of space. That ought to be fun.

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