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tiny banana by littlerock (critique requested)

tiny banana (critique requested)


2 January 2014 at 11:22:45 MST

I made a very small banana! Sculpey III, acrylic paint, and Testor's matte lacquer. It's sitting next to a teabag wrapper for size reference, and also because it happened to be there at the time. I like tea.

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Visual / Modeling / Sculpture


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    Very wrinkly! Perhaps sand it smooth, or make it into a rotten banana? That way you could prank people with it and freak people out.

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      I see what you mean about the texture, noted! Unfortunately, I can only smooth it out by adding a relatively thick layer of lacquer, as the texture itself is the paint, not the surface of the clay. I could also solve this by making the piece out of colored clay instead, and adding only minor coloring. I do hope to solve this problem in the future. Thanks for your crit! :>

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    That thing's tiny! Better make sure you don't lose it.

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      Haha, it sits daintily on my monitor's base, being useless. I've no idea what to actually do with it.

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    For some reason, I didn't get a sense of how absurdly tiny these things are from your FAF post. That... is a really tiny banana. I am impressed.

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      Gosh, thanks! It really is itty bitty, I may have even made it too small.