Fan Art- Aftertale by Little-Noko

Fan Art- Aftertale


1 March 2016 at 13:29:17 MST

Okaaaay, so someone requested for an Aftertale one, so here it is ! Aftertale is a really interesting ‘AU’ from loverofpiggies/TUMBLR that happen in a different timeline, you should really check it out if you didn’t !

I just love so much ‘geno’ sans design, it’s like all his color, except from the determination one, faded. It’s make him pretty much ghost like, he’s so creepy ehehe.

If you have any other request feel free to ask me some !

-now time to get back on some lineart-

Art© little-noko
Undertale© Toby Fox
Aftertale© LoverofPiggies/TUMBLR

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    It's nice to see you having fun with all the fan-art! :D

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      -giggles- thank you, they're little fan art, lik 30-40 minutes max since I want to focus on real order and the webcomic ;u;

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        You're welcome! :D

        Sometimes you just have to do something fun for yourself! :)

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          yes ! I'm thinking about making a wallpaper full of sans's face //shot

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            That would be awesome and bet a lot of fans would download and use it! :D

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    nyeeeees all the AU's :D

    I never even liked AUs much until Undertale, haha.

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      So do I ! I'm not a big fan of fan art but since undertale all my brain get out is undertale related !

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    I love love LOVE Aftertale and am ridiculously invested in it. I just wanna know what GenoSans is up to. I NEED TO KNOW.

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      Saaaaaame, he seems have getting crazy by going through the same save over and over.