WEBCOMIC- Kei the courier by Little-Noko

WEBCOMIC- Kei the courier


9 November 2015 at 11:12:59 MST

Little collab I did with neonbluh like.... 5 month ago ? I think ? XDDD I've forgot to post it over here and I think this little guy really turned out well with both our style combined, even if it's old I still really love it~ Hope you guys like it~

Lineart© neonbluh
Coloring© Little-noko
Character© archspike
Wanderlust© little-noko & neonbluh

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    I really like the design...and the clothes are really cool! :D

    That's another artist I really miss since I left FA. Hope they're doing well! :)

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      The design is from Archspike, we used to rp a lot and decided to include is character as sidecharacter in the webcomic since he's part of the wanderlust universe as well. I love it a lot ! ( he used to look way more human but since he's a werewolf he got stuck into this basic form and can't return to his formal human look~

      Neon go really well, we both work really hard on the webcomic and it's really fun to work with him ^^

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        That sounds like a good way to put a character to use...and a very neat background for him! :D

        It's awesome that you guys are having so much fun working on it...and that he's doing very well! :)