battle of the fandoms ep 4 by littlegreeny

battle of the fandoms ep 4

Battle for the fandoms
Ep: 4 - harder than an apple
Applejack was on her farm with her brother talking about how all the apples are ready two be picked and how she going do everyone of them alone as he hurt himself. He tells her she should not bite off more than she can chew make applejack lash back saying she vows two make sure all them be done by the end of apple season. Applejack walk through the fields about get ready to feel the ground shake knowing it's one thing as back in town dash worrying everyone on an incoming stamped make everyone panic till applejack rounds them up and find out what spooked them was a snake and ask them to be more careful next time. A week pasted and we set up a thank your party for her as twilight asking everyone everything ready lets see everything is put up and rarity got the banner up only thing missing her the one who we thank ed said. Tails comes over and says sonic not around either as knuckles escaped capture when dash fly down saying she show up and we look for those two latter as we start the ceremony as twilight try give a speech give applejack more time. As twilight try everyone interrupted to say something nice about her and what they are thankful for make twilight lose her time and move to the mayor make her thought her stak of note in eds head he thought two things one thank u not have heard her go thought them and two where is applejack. Tails show up saying he found her but um she looks as applejack take the stand thank everyone she looks like she has not slept at all since that week oh this might not end well as ed said. As applejack make herself look like a joke twilight thanked her and she takes her trophy as she left twight ask every did she looked a little as everyone said yea sleepy tired as ed step in with tails i think know the answer we seek is her farm as twilight agreed going with us find out why. As we did see there was so many apple trees she bucking that we try to get her attention when she fell asleep twilight woke her up as applejack said hi us twilight ask about all the apples and she told her is apple buck session hmm so u need buck all theses apples be for times up so u can sell them on the market both twilight and tails looked at ed after said that what u have know each worlds family thing. Anyway applejack u need help as she declined it saying she can do it herself which tails remarks don't make her look at him ask if that's a challenge he said no as she get back work looking at us saying not worry the 9 of us make ed more worried as we left. Everyone ask applejack help with stuff make everything worse and twilight have talk some sense in two her ed and tails find sonic who found knuckles let me go sonic i need find the master emerald knuckles yelled. I can tell u where it is knuckles ed said and knuckles think ed has is tell him give back now be for i make u as tails try calm he down ed said i don’t and i help u get it but need do me a favor as knuckles grabble said fine. As we went back applejack farm twilight convince applejack to take the help and said hi us as applejack ask why we bring knuckles here as ed ask knuckles do it as he goes to good spot punch the ground made 10 apple trees apples fall out in two bucks. Knuckles said i help u with this but asking if I can stay here and hide something applejack agree with our help got all done. Applejack thanks us with some drinks as fluttershy said during round the bunnys up she met that was bigger than the other and had weird creature with her that she brings over as tails and sonic said cream and cheese as she calls sonic mr.sonic yours here. Hmm i see more of his friends are appearing here but in different locations ed said as sonic said he find them all and regroup with everyone as ed offer help two as give knuckles the location of the master emerald.

battle of the fandoms ep 4


22 January 2020 at 20:48:19 MST

finaly got back two writing the story and will try make a 2 week deadline for myself since the series been over

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