Hit drama by littledisneyhobbit91212

Hit drama


16 May 2018 at 20:50:24 MDT

The Girl who is black is Drama, The pink Girl is Happiness, the Gray girl is silence, and the blue girl is Truth

Drama’s been a Smart ass Bitch to me lately, She came through my Depression (not pictured) though my anger at a user who’s 10 years my junior and really has no effect on me as a person or my life or loved ones at all, She (Drama) has been strutting around for a good couple days/ weeks dressed in the user’s clothes taunting me with whatever the user posts of her life.

Silence wants to remain quiet about it, to let that anger build and never let it out the feeling of screaming on the inside due to a girl in France that I not only don’t know but again has no bearing on me or my life so why say anything?

Truth is all for Drama getting a reality check with a baseball bat she knows it’s better to vent it out to scream how WRONG this user is in her ways and how even though it doesn’t affect me directly it doesn’t stop the injustice of what this user is doing.

Then Happiness, Happiness wants to enjoy her new life, Her life as a wife her life married, her life finding out who she really is, what she really enjoys, who her friends online and off but Drama is interfering, Drama is pushing her and the others back making them all fall back into bad habits and really bad thoughts (Such as trolling, redrawing this users art with out permission etc) But happiness is ready to fight back, to hit some sense into drama that she has NO POWER now.

I’m NOT 22, I’m NOT single, I’m NOT alone, I AM in control of SO much more then I was I don’t need to control what happens to others online, I don’t need to police and govern and aid and advise, I just need to live my own life and Drama has no place in it anymore. Time for a reality slap, with a hot pink baseball bat

Base used for reference: https://croxovergoddess.deviantart.com/art/DTSAAJ-660226363

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