here comes the bride by littledisneyhobbit91212

here comes the bride


14 February 2018 at 12:38:24 MST

This picture takes place before "beat back the drama" I've been anxious and Depressed and stressed lately. Much of this is normal Wedding jidders and moving stressors and all that. Other bits not so much, I'm in Sam mansons prom gown from parental bondeing episode of Danny phantom with a DP choker, Symbolic of the fact that even now X amount of weeks/days from my wedding and move and I'm still obesseivly checking accounts of people like Marieangelo4 or the newest one is "Inesthelostangel" that I'm still looking at the past like "missing" Marie's artwork or the like hence the dress, Anxiety (purple hair) and Depression (blond) are dressed as the evil step sisters from cinderella because why not and "its something Marieangel would do" But yeah, when I', stressed and lonely I "obstress" over users online, its just my way of placing the stress on something more tangable instead of abstract like "Moving" its "this person online" It's a type of Emotional self harm I call it that I've done for years, Jake can testify that it's actually caused fights between us, its an issue, I need to find better outlits for my stress, Drawing helps but it only helps so much.

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