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Princess Carnat by LittleDevil-888

Princess Carnat


31 May 2020 at 22:29:09 MDT

Ok, there's a story with this next bunch. In high school, my goal was to become a creative director for video games, but I quickly realized my ideas aligned more toward indie games instead of the big-budget recycled ideas of the current triple-A market. The ideas and designs were intentionally simple, so if I had to, I could animate, design, and write it myself. Coding and sound design are my main weak points...

Anyway, this is from a side-scrolling action-adventure game where you play as a fledgling knight who is also a magic user from a curse (i.e., the horns) This knight is lead by a magic fox to kill the 4 princesses of the land who also happen to have dragon-esk forms.

One of the main elements of the game I thought would be cool was that before each primary boss fight, you are given a choice. You can drink a power increasing fluid to make the fight easier or don't. This plays a part in the story and also adds variation to player experiences. Can't beat the boss? Maybe you should drink it... but is it worth the price?
I'll probably copy-paste this on things regarding this idea for clarity.

Princess Carnat's themes revolve around cooking and baking black magic, that bubble of color is her magic color and her magic is smoke/gas like.

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