Rachel's so called "pets" by LittleBigDreamer

Rachel's so called "pets"


30 March 2017 at 15:22:16 MDT

ok, I adopted these two from :icontheblazergurl: (I also adopted The Grinder from her) and so far, I have only edited their designs SLIGHTLY so then they have collars.
so, I'm gonna put how Rachel met the both of them (Rachel will be 4 when she meets the them);

Rachel and her father were walking along the streets one night, her father having to take her along since Rachel's mother couldn't take care of her. When the two passed by a alleyway, Rachel could hear metal against concert and hissing. Curiosity getting the best of her, she let go of her father's black and pointed hand and ran into the alleyway, her father chasing after her as the noises grew louder until Rachel saw a floating cat and a turtle. When they heard footsteps approach, the two animals stopped fighting and looked at the small girl that had started walking up to them. The cat being first to act, floating over to the girl and rubbed against her legs, making purring noises "how cute!" Rachel said and stroked the cat's head, making the cat purr as the turtle walked up to her, wanting to be patted too in which Rachel applied and patted the turtle's head.
"Rachel!" Jacob called as he finally found his daughter, playing around with a ghost cat and a turtle with razors coming out of his back.
"daddy! Can we keep them?" Rachel asked once she noticed her father standing there "I've already picked out names; Spikey and Ghost!" Rachel added and made a puppy dog face, Rachel knew her father couldn't resist the puppy dog face and with a sigh, Jacob nodded "yay!" Rachel cheered as she picked up the turtle now named Spikey as Ghost purred
"I just hope your mother will be okay with you playing with them..." Jacob muttered to himself as he, his daughter and the two new additions to the family headed towards their home, or in Ghost and Spikey's case, their new home.

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