Welcome to my world that only the small percentage would understand! I'm Lithroxid, a weird and rare chemical substance which got produced and discovered in the 90's. The substance can easily explode with most other substances if you mix them together due to its socially awkwardness. People who interact with it, both regularly and for the first time, will often drop their IQ's scratching their heads of wonder.

Speak out! Revolution!~Lithra | ♀ | INFJ

♣ Loves: Airplanes, all kinds of animals; even snakes and insects, hearts, psychology, positive reinforcement animal(dog) training, art, flowers, fruits, nature, cold climates, daydreaming, heartwarming words, duvets, rain, fluffy tails, writing letters and mailing them all over the world. ~ I love creating meaningful values through art, music, literature and video games, and most of all ❤ love

♣ Languages: Fluent (native) Norwegian, intermediate (passable) English, understands most of 'everyday' Thai and German and can speak/write some. ฉัน ชื่อ ลิตรา (Chan shū Lithra). Ich heisse Lithra, und ich hab euch lieb :3 Understands Swedish and Danish pretty well

♣ Vegetarian: lacto-veggie

If there is something I hate, there gotta be goodbyes and farewells...