Synesthesia Blast WIP by literaryfurball (critique requested)

Synesthesia Blast WIP (critique requested)


8 March 2015 at 08:44:26 MDT

This will be something much bigger in the future but for now I figured I'd introduce one of my synesthete (there will be many of them). He is another chimera who will be in the comic strip I'm working on. Because of his large, bat-like ears and upturned nose he is often teased, questioned and generally harassed by some other residents (especially children) mostly implying that he is an elf. However the reason for his batty ears is because he is... a bat! ...kinda. he is a bat/human chimera who's DNA has been altered at The Whittle Center for Gene Therapy in an attempt to give him echolocative skills after the loss of his left eye. The experimentation has been somewhat successful, speeding his learning time of human echolocation, but has also resulted in another interesting side effect: synesthesia.
Synesthesia is a "disorder" that occurs when two of the many human senses join together, for example, seeing sound or tasting color. This young creature is capable of seeing touch and sound which will soon be depicted. All of the characters in my comic are fragments of myself and the capabilities of this young fellow match my own. All sound and touch appears as a color and a shape and some sounds and feelings have their own "location" around me. So far this chap doesn't have a name so suggestions are welcome and any improvement suggestions are appreciated.