Scarred Heart by Linkin Spark (critique requested)

"Happy fucking birthday", he said,
With the cake on the floor.
"I'll take my leave here, goodbye,
I just don't care anymore,
And stop calling me,
Sorry for breaking that dream of yours."
Then he said,

"If you know what is good for you,
Best end it here."
"If you know what is good for you,
Best end it here."

"I'm so, so sorry...", he said,
As he held on my paws,
"I'm unforgivable...
I understand if you hate my guts..."
Then he said

"But I will always love you,
No matter what...
And I will never leave you,
No matter what...

If you leave, you won't have to
Put up with my depression...
If you stay, I can only hope
That you listen to my confession..."

Scarred Heart (critique requested)

Linkin Spark

10 December 2018 at 00:24:54 MST

On my birthday last month, my boyfriend had some dramas at school... and snapped at me for telling him that he should be more careful next time. He even muted me on telegram, and said he'd get rid of that app. I had to stay up until 6 to talk some sense into him and calm him down.
A few weeks later, his parents yelled at him for some reason, and he snapped at me again for "bossing" him around (I only told him to cheer up and not to say negative things). Then he threatened to kill himself, and left me waiting, until he woke up and apologized to me.
We're still together, I don't wanna leave him, but... depression sucks, man.

Original song : "Get Out Alive" by Three Day Grace
Rewritten lyrics : by me

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