Cameo - Feenehass by Lingrimm

Cameo - Feenehass


26 February 2014 at 06:44:22 MST

We decided to make some series with the character cameo from another our literary rpg. 
Here is Feenehass, guy from Ancient epoch of Shang-La. He is a mage (for some reason) and he definitely don't like a big company. He live as a hermit with one old scrawny dog and two spirits - Mastiarella and Junona. 
Feen's mother Ragahna was a witch and when she was pregnant with the first child - it was daughter - she already knew that in the future she will give birth to gifted son. Daughter be of no concern and Ragahna sacrificed her and made two spirits from her soul. This two spirits should be to protect Feenehass. 
Adult Feenehas working on keter (tsar) Arelgo, but after Arelgo kicked him from the Royal Household. For some reason he didn't killed him and Feen walking around and yelling something rude and no one care about him. Feen also have "creative alias" Nebbiona, what means "Frothy speaker".

Here is a couple sketches with Feenehass and his spirits.

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    Your stuff get's cooler and cooler with every picture Q,Q

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      Oooow, stop it x3

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        No! No I don't! Because it's the truth and people should know it! 8>

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          omg thank youuu <3