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You're not Lina?

Am I actually a short, bubbly anthropomorphic husky? Only in my head! As such, this page belongs to the character Lina from Tapestries MUCK. A MUCK is a Multi-User Chat Kingdom. It is text based and really old school! Tapestries is one of the oldest places that furs hangout! Lina lives there and if you visit you can meet her.

I also occasionally show up in Furry MUCK as Mika. Lina and Mika are the same character with a different name. You can meet Mika too.

This isn't your art?

All of the art here has been done by numerous wonderful artists. None of which are me. Every submission was commissioned, gifted, or won. Check the descriptions for proper credit.

Can I draw Lina or include her in a drawing?

Of course you can! I'm flattered you'd like to! All I ask is that you let me know first and, if the piece is going outside the scope of vanilla, you respect my decision to say no.

Do you want to split a commission?

Probably so! If you'd like to have a commission done that includes Lina I might be interested in splitting it with you. Just reach out to me and ask. I don't do the following: gore, vore, cub, blood, scat, hyper, inflation, and/or macro.

Can I role-play with Lina?

I do my role-playing on the Tapestries MUCK. This profile is loosely "in character" but, obviously, "out of character" happens a ton. I don't really role-play here or anywhere else. Please don't be offended if I don't respond in kind to advances towards the art I post.

If you drop by Tapestries MUCK feel free to look me up.

Latest Journal

New Character Description

on 22 April 2014 at 07:39:21 MDT

I've been working on an updates character description for Lina/Mika. I've had it read over a few times. If anyone wanted to comment that would be great!


A beautiful mane of fiery red hair sets this particular husky apart from her peers. It frames her face, hangs to the middle of her back, and contrasts brightly against her snow white fur. It is the most remarkable feature of the otherwise subtle female. She is draped from ear tips to toes in soft, plush fur that has no discernible pattern and seems meticulously brushed. The only bit of disorder comes from a tuft of wild fur nestled below her neck and over her chest. A happy smile plays across her muzzle and the husky seems pleased to see you. From the look in her crystal blue eyes it would seem she has never met a stranger.

The sled dog seems to have led an active life. She is barely five feet tall and petite in form but her body has the shape of a runner; subtle muscles are visible throughout her shapely thighs, toned calves, and core. These are her rewards for years of exercise. Beyond her more tomboyish attributes there is a sense of femininity in her hips, pert rump, and small chest. Standing at her full height she looks healthy, confident, and eager to get out and meet new people.

Fit and ready for the beach the female is out and about in her favorite bikini. Her chest is held snugly in place by a dark purple top that features a white maple leaf over the right breast. Tied behind her neck and back, the top is a modest garment that does the trick of keeping her decent. The female's finest feature, her pert hind end, is nestled into a tight-fitting matching bottoms. It is low cut and ends just under her tail, showing off the top of her rump. On each hip the bikini bottoms are held precariously in place by a simple tie.

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