Funds for Fizgig! Sketchbook Auction & more! by Lilyface

Funds for Fizgig! Sketchbook Auction & more!


14 May 2016 at 13:43:47 MDT

One of our pet cats (Fizgig, aka Tinycat, aka The Screaming Terror, aka Snuglord the Cutiecat) was diagnosed today with feline resorption (it's graphic, just a warning to those curious who may Google it) which means her teeth need to be removed. At some point they may all need to come out, but the vet doesn't know the extent of the damage and won't until they actually preform the procedure.

It's a genetic condition. We had no way of knowing she was hurting until today because she hasn't been exhibiting any signs that something was wrong- like cats sometimes do- and has been losing weight so slowly that we had trouble noticing.

So to help raise money for her surgery, I'm offering some small discounts on sketch and chibi commissions as well as auctioning a 72 page sketchbook in which I will draw the winner's characters, random drawing studies, my own characters, my characters interacting with theirs, personal art- pretty much anything the winner states they want and just a bunch of random stuff done by me, even blank pages if they'd like space in it to get some other works drawn in it by different artists at cons!

72 pages means 144 drawings at least if I only drew one image per page, per side. SB is set at $200, and the winner will have periodical updates as well as the finished sketchbook mailed right to them. That is a buttload of artwork. It will be mainly sketches, some pencil some ink.

The winner will not however, be able to dictate each and every image I draw in it. Telling me "I want lots of latex!" Or "FILL IT WITH MONSTER GIRLS" Or "tons of cute lovey dovey stuff please!" is GREAT, and a-okay. I can't do "art-slaves" though because they break my spirit.

If you win and there's something you don't want or are uninterested in seeing (anatomy studies, studies in general) THAT'S okay too! I'm also fine drawing specific images you'd like me to do but if I tried to do that for every image not only would it take forever, I wouldn't find it super enjoyable and at some point I'm sure neither would you!

Auction ends Saturday, May 28th, 8pm EST. Starting bid is $200USD, Auto Buy is $1k (half of the surgery cost estimate). You won't pay extra for shipping unless you want to. Bid by commenting on the string below!

I am also opening for regular commissions and I still have my Iron Artist going on. Once my queue limit is reached, I'll close until caught up and then reopen.

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    Bid here please!

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      I'll take the starting bid

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        I can't in good conscience leave the bid so low, even if I'm hurting a bit for free cash right now!


        Best of luck raising a heck of a lot more though! All for a great cause.

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          I figure this money was gonna go towards art anyway, might as well put it to a good cause. :)

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            Upping my bid to AB.

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    For pictures of the sketchbook, check out this tweet here! Also pictured, Fizgig climbing for cuddles/headbutts.

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    I wouldn't worry too much, a friend of mine's cat had this I think, after the surgery they had to eat certain foods but they did fine, back to their usual self! The auction's way out of my price range already but I'm gonna check how much spare money I've got and get back to you

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      Yeah, that's what the vet said- they're just worried about the anesthesia during the surgery and pain management afterwards because she's such a small cat (she's practically kitten sized) 8~8

      Thank you for making me feel a bit less nervous! I hope she'll be much happier afterwards.

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    Oh geez, that's awful D: One of our cats had stomatitis and was essentially allergic to her own teeth. Got a bunch of ulcers and was in a lot of pain the poor thing. But after getting her teeth removed she's been perfectly happy and healthy again! Hopefully it should go similar with your cat!

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      Oh my goodness poor baby! I'm glad to hear she's happier now, I'm still gonna be worried til after it's over but it makes me feel better hearing about cats who've been through similar stuff and are happier/healthier now haha 8~8