Second Chance Pt. 2 by LilWuff

Second Chance Pt. 2


20 November 2014 at 13:06:34 MST

"Now, now, Theodore. There's no need to be so fussy. Mama's going to take good care of you from now on. Tomorrow you'll get to meet your new brothers and sisters and we'll work on getting you settled in. You'll love being here, sweetheart. I promise."

Poor puppy, wanting to run away, but being too scared to let go. You'll be alright, little fella. A few bottles of Mama's Special Milk and you won't even remember that big, scary laser. Heck, you won't remember much of anything from your old life.

All you'll remember is opening your big blue eyes to see Mama Nora's smiling face as she picks you up for the first time and brings you to meet all the other little boys and girls that wanted a Second Chance.

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