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11 Month Anni, Valentines Day Gift by LilMoshie

11 Month Anni, Valentines Day Gift


Brickstin sat nervously, the feral wolf/German shepherd had been mated to Moshie for 11 months now, and he still didn't know much about her species, he felt. Finally, gathering the nerve to ask, he turned, and blinked to see his mate, staring at him worriedly. "Uh?" He mumbled in surprise. Moshie lay her ears back, currently in her feral form as well. "You were fidgeting, is something the matter?" She nuzzled his cheek softly, he closed his eyes for a moment and enjoyed the affection before opening them again. "It's just... You change forms to appear like the two legged, almost, I-I was curious.... How do they show affection.... I believe what you called it was.... A kiss?" He blushed slightly having choked out the question. Moshie's expression changed to that of joy, loving that her mate was curious about her species. "Oh, well, you just press your lips to mine, like this." She leaned forward and pressed her lips to her mates, he blushed more as he felt a surge of warmth flow through his body. Wanting more, he pressed deeper into the kiss. Moshie murred as her hair flowed like elegant mist from the jolt, the passion from Brickstin's kiss made her squeak in pleasant surprise. Blushing now herself, she noticed that Brickstin had closed his eyes, feeling the magic surging through her body, her eyes slowly drifted shut, as if they were dreaming, a beautiful reality.

To my beloved, beautiful mate, irl and IC, I wish an early Happy 11 month anniversary, and a Happy Valentines day. We may not be able to spend it together in person, but my heart is always with you. I love you so much, Brickstin, you brought a whole new meaning to life. Without you, I'd still be laying dead in the darkness. My hero <3

Brickstin belongs to Brickstin
Moshie and art belongs to me.

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