Comm - Mother Son Cuddles by LilMoshie

Comm - Mother Son Cuddles


26 May 2018 at 22:26:27 MDT

Moshie had been laying in bed, the covers off, being an ice alien princess, she preferred the coolness; However, also liked the security that the blankets made her feel. Staring up at the ceiling, she felt rather alone. No body was home except for a couple of her children, and they all did their own thing. Her mate hadn't been home in months, though he was off fighting the demon they called Depression, leaving her to care for their family. She allowed her eyes to close slowly to drown out the deafening silence. With a few light shuffles that she ignored, assuming it was one of her children walking down the hall. As her bed moved slightly, her eyes shot open and she looked to her side, where her nose was met by her son's Almanac. "Almanac!" She barked out in surprise, quickly making sure she was covered. "I wanted to make sure you're ok. It has to be hard with dad being gone so long." He speaks softly, standing at the side of the bed. Moshie smiled despite wanting to cry upon the mention of her mate, missing him very much. "I'm an alien ice princess, I've lost family several times before, it's something I have to accept happens. I fear for him, that he'll never return and I miss him. But I always hope that he will return to us someday. Like all of my family. We'll all be a big... Happy family." Moshies throat tightened a bit, prompting her to take a deep breath and sigh, smiling painfully, making it very obvious now. Almanac frowned, thinking for a moment before he moved the blankets covering his fathers spot and laying down next to his mother. "You are very strong mummy, and life does get hard sometimes, but you will never be alone, because I'm always going to be here for you." He nuzzled her cheek affectionately. "Besides, as the male of the house until dad comes back, I have to help you, since our family is growing..." He smiled, looking down at her growing stomach and gently rubbing it. Moshie murred happily, looking back up to the roof again and enjoying her son's company as she placed her hand gently on his arm. "You always know the right things to say." Moshie spoke softly, shifting her eyes to look at him as her head relaxed on her other arm. He smiled at her and cupped her cheek, nuzzling her other cheek. "That's because mummy is beautiful, and doesn't deserve to be in so much pain."
I did my best, I have no regrets.
I realize some of the flaws a bit too late, I couldn't do anything about them without undoing hours of work, more practice later I suppose <3
Other than that, I'm super happy with how this came out. <3 Almanac always finds a way to comfort his mummy when the darkness pumps through her tiny alien body.
Commissioned by Almanac
Almanac © Craig
Moshie and Art © to me
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