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Moshies Homecoming by LilMoshie

Moshies Homecoming


Bytor stood at the top of the stairs and smiled proudly as he looked at all the beings that had come to his daughters homecoming party. He cleared his throat and lifted a paw. "Attention everybody, can I have your attention please?" He spoke loud and clear, and the room went silent. All the beings turned and gathered around. Brickstin pushed through the crowd and stared in awe, this was the first time he'd met a real life King, let alone, his own father in law. "It has been eleven human years since my daughter was sent to Earth to protect us, and to learn about Earths customs. My heart is bursting with joy to have her home again. It is with great honor and happiness that I present to you, my daughter, Princess Moshie." He stepped down the stairs and joined the beings, who had now turned their attention to Moshie, who had stepped up to where Bytor was standing. Brickstin's ears perked as he gazed up at his mate, his princess, whom seemed to look much more mature and righteous. She was already beautiful in his eyes, but it was always more of a cute, happy-go-lucky beauty. Now, she looked much wiser. His tail sway as his heart pounded against his chest, he wasn't used to being an anthro, but seeing her now made him stand tail. She began down the stairs, smiling at the crowd and then looking to her mate, who was nearly in tears at how proud of her he was. This was all so new to him, but he enjoyed every moment.---
Sorry for the long story guys, sometimes I just get lost in the moment, heh.
I apologize for the errors in this drawing, my pencil crayon for Moshies dress kinda messed it up and I debated destroying this picture but decided to finish it anyway. Also I apologize for all the white, Moshies home world is made of ice and snow, especially the colored rocks, see, on her home planet, ice and snow can do so much more than Earth =)
Brickstin belongs to Erick
Bytor, Moshie, and art belong to me

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